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Try Scuba

Discover the underwater world, go scuba diving in confined water and earn the SSI Try Scuba recognition card. Conducted in shallow water, the SSI Try Scuba program is a diving adventure the whole family can enjoy!

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Once familiar with all the equipment you will use, it’s time to enter the water. Sessions are completed in a pool and last about an hour. We provide all the necessary equipment. Please pick up equipment prior to the lesson. 

COST: $50.00. When you decide to take scuba lessons, $25 will be credited to your Open Water Fees

WHO: Those 8 years and older (Must have a signed waiver from a parent of legal guardian if under 18). 

WHAT: Your opportunity to blow your first bubbles and see what it is like to scuba dive. This introductory session starts you out in the pool. You will learn a couple of basic steps then your on your way. You can feel free to roam the pool and experience the feeling of weightlessness like the astronauts.


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